I UK [strɪŋ] / US noun
Word forms "string":
singular string plural strings
1) [countable/uncountable] thin rope, usually made of twisted fibres and used for tying things together

a parcel tied with string

a piece of string

The balloon was attached to a long string.

2) [countable] a group of similar or connected things
string of:

a string of islands

A string of cars travelled up the narrow mountain road.

He owns a string of restaurants in Wales.

a string of questions/lies/insults:

I was confronted by a string of questions.

a) a series of similar or connected events that happen one after the other

A string of fires plagued the area last summer.

The team had a string of 13 wins last season.

b) computing a group of characters used in a computer program and treated as a single unit
a) [countable] music one of several long pieces of nylon, wire, or another substance stretched across a musical instrument, and used for producing sounds

guitar/violin/harp strings

b) strings
[plural] the stringed instruments in an orchestra, or the people who play them
4) [countable] any of the long thin pieces of plastic or other material stretched across the frame of a tennis racket or similar piece of sports equipment
5) [countable] something long and thin that is similar to a string

Strings of damp hair clung to her forehead.

6) [countable] a G-string
7) [uncountable] American a group of players of the same level of ability
first/second string:

He made the second string on the baseball team.

8) strings
[plural] special conditions that limit an offer or agreement

If there are any strings involved, I'm really not interested.

no strings attached:

The money was given with no strings attached.


II UK [strɪŋ] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "string":
present tense I/you/we/they string he/she/it strings present participle stringing past tense strung UK [strʌŋ] / US past participle strung
1) to pass a string through several things in order to make a chain

The children sat on the floor stringing beads.

2) to hang something between two objects

She strung a hammock between two trees.

3) to hang things in a line
string something on/around/along/across something:

Lights were strung all around the patio.

4) to put strings on a musical instrument or on a sports racket
Phrasal verbs:

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